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One plus 5 might be more tougher than expected

The OnePlus 5 as it is expected to be known, because the number 4 is considered unlucky in China, has some stiff competition in the form of class-leading smartphone cameras like the Samsung Galaxy S8 and Google Pixel. So an updated OnePlus camera would seem like a safe bet for a product the company likes to call a ‘Flagship Killer’.

A source close to TrueTech, who previously turned out to be accurate, has supplied the publication with a selection of sample photos allegedly taken with the OnePlus 5 camera.

The photos themselves reveal little of use, but by examining the jpeg files more closely, TrueTech was able to glean further information about the inner workings of the camera which took them.

Photos pulled straight from a digital camera or smartphone generally contain more than just a picture. Also embedded in the jpeg file is a large amount of supporting information, known as EXIF metadata, containing full details of the camera that took the photo, as well as the settings used and sometimes other information such as the GPS co-ordinates of where the picture was taken.
EXIF data can sometimes provide reveal technical information which hasn’t yet been released by the camera manufacturer and in the case of these leaked images, the camera model is a reported as a ‘OnePlus A5000’ with an f/2 aperture and the GPS coordinates point to a location in Shenzhen, China. All factors which point towards a OnePlus 5.

Examining the sample pictures, the TrueTech team noted that one of the images appeared to contain a deliberately blurred foreground and background which looks likely to have come from a dual-camera setup, hinting that the forthcoming ‘Flagship Killer’ phone may be equipped with just such an advanced camera.

While the details of the metadata point to the legitimacy of the sample images, note that EXIF data is easy to fake, requiring no special tools so this information, although highly plausible, is far from definitive at this point.

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